Nice Girl Project

I would like to bring attention to a topic that has been heavy on my mind recently and even more so now that all the kiddies are bopping back to school. I would like to contribute some sort of project to bring awareness to the importance of being a life long “nice girl” I haven’t quite decided how or what or when this is going to happen, nor have I found a proper venue to propel this forward. but I’d like to start with a brief background of where I’m coming from. It started by posing this brief question:

I’m working on a project and need your opinions. Men, women, boys and girls: how would you teach your daughter (sister,wife,friend,etc) to be a ‘nice’ girl? Specifically in regards to her interactions with other girls. I see a lot of bullying and I’m working on an article to address it. Thanks for your input!
And here are a few of the astounding a answers I received (feel free to comment or email me your own input!)
“If you teach your children about how the Savior treated people and teach them to implement this in their lives you cant go wrong. I know this is easier said than done but, I know it is doable. They will also watch the example you set at parents. Be kind, never gossip or trash talk another. Treat people with kindness and respect, even if they don’t necessarily deserve it. It is very hard in today’s society to teach especially girls/young women to have good self esteem. I don’t believe that girls that bully/verbally abuse others have a good sense of self-worth. If they did they wouldn’t bully.” JT June 24 2013
“My Mom used to say, “Consider” the Source. A hard concept for a young person to understand but maybe true.” PM Jun 24 2013
“i honestly think most times this behavior comes directly from parents, also have noticed with a lot of kids they would rather bully and criticize another for their accomplishmentsrather than b working to improve themselves” CW Jun 24 2013
There are sooooo many more wonderful words of wisdom that could shed light on this subject. How can we implement them into our lives and TEACH others ( especially girls) by example to be a force of good? Rather than put others down to gain acceptance of the cool crowd?
My goal is to put the mean girl fad to rest. She is soooo last season and the Nice girl is the new “it” girl! As it should be! 
I’m currenly iDoing a giveaway…first giveaway ever! Woot woot! And it’s a sad, small attempt to kick off my project. Here’s the low down: I have some clothing items to give away to a deserving (hard working, honest, humble, NICE to others) girl. The sizes are a size six shoe, xs-small skirt and pants, and xs top. (Probably middle school aged) I could sell these items easily but I would like to ANONOMOUSLY gift them to a deserving young lady who may be financially strapped (but more importantly id like to focus on genuine acts of kindness…this is to focus on a deserving nice girl more than a charity) and could use a confidence boost this school year Please private message me your nominations and include a convincing reason why your girl deserves this special treat! Email me:


3 thoughts on “Nice Girl Project

  1. I think a lot of girls are taught to compete and compare themselves. We need to be positive examples to our girls in focusing on peoples positive qualities; Working ourselves on not gossiping or saying negative things about others especially around our children. When we hear our daughters point out that someone is weird, ugly, or ‘different’ (as if they don’t meet some sort of standard she has set in her mind) we should help her to see their positive qualities too. Help our children realize that everyone is different and we all have different things that make us special and we all have different struggles. Sometimes our kids struggle with their self-acceptance and how they are valued in society. There is a tendency for children identifying their value to say since I am good people who are not the same as me are bad (or less good/less valued). They have a hard time seeing things in a more complex way. We often set very high expectations and standards for our kids. When they see others who do not have the same standards or are not taught the same values, they might seem them as less good. We want our children to be their best selves and have high standards in life, but we also need to teach them not to condemn others who don’t see things the same. It starts at a young age. My 5 yr old struggles with this. I have to help her understand how people can all be different, but still good. That we are all on this Earth together as God’s children finding our way through life and trying to find some form of happiness, which can be difficult. We need to learn to understand others and help each other, making friends of all kinds in this journey of life.

  2. It’s just so hard to be a girl in this society. Everything seems to revolve around our looks. My husband always tells my 4 year old she is so nice and so smart, not JUST that she’s pretty. Those qualities ought to be more sought after than the superficial “good looks”.
    Next, we must lead by example. We as mothers must not underestimate the power we have to influence our daughters. I think the best thing to teach our girls is empathy for others. Truly, even people we may not like so much. And…… What she ^^^^^^ said! lol 🙂

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